Sexy Things In the bar



From silk to passion! Sexy things in the bar!

The clock is exactly 1:00. I was sitting at the “Silk” bar and twirling in my hands for the third glass of whiskey and cola that evening. I scrolled through my head what accounts I have, what amounts are on them and how much I can last if I try to live economically. I looked at one point and behind the stream of thoughts I did not notice at all the man who sat down next to me. In a yellow Hawaiian shirt and wide beige pants, he looked like a tourist who had just stepped off a plane.
“Hello Beautiful! Let me treat you, ”he said with a smile that showed crooked teeth and signaled to the waiter.
“Thanks, don’t,” I looked at him from under my brows. He just moved closer and gave me a pungent smell of fumes.
“I just want to have a drink with you,” he said and ran his hand down my back.
I jumped out of my chair, everything inside was burning with rage. I wanted to slap him in the face, throw him off his chair, but not forgive such rudeness. While I was thinking about what punishment to apply, he grabbed both hands and pulled me to him, pushing his slobbering tongue into my mouth.
“Fu, fuck! I’m going to vomit now, ”flashed through my head. I began to push back, and this bastard, who was a head shorter than me, clung like a leech and tried to pull my hands back so that I would not kick.
I closed my eyes and was about to call for help when I heard a strange slap.
When I opened my eyes, this unfortunate man was lying at my feet. He whined something in his Hawaiian and held his nose with his hand. I turned around in search of a savior and was dumbfounded.
“Vadim! Ah-ah-ah ”- I threw myself into the arms of a person whom I had never expected to see here.
“Hi baby. How are you?” He asked worriedly.
“Yes, good. Here, I’m celebrating my dismissal, ”and pointed to the glass.
“Yes, I see. I heard. Damn, I’m sorry. Although you know, the truth is not.
“Why so?”
“Now we are no longer colleagues. The last time, you told me that this is the only thing that stops you. “
I remembered how he gave me a lift after work, and I was sitting next to me, in the passenger seat, and was languishing with desire. And in fact, what I feared most was not publicity at work, but pain. The one that happens when you love. Now, after three glasses of strong alcohol, I so wanted to feel his embrace. I pressed my whole body to him, put my arms around his neck and immediately felt how he tensed below. Such a normally obedient body betrayed him with giblets. He squeezed my face in his hands, approached and whispered.
“You are mine. Do you understand?”. Without waiting for an answer, he put the money on the bar, took my hand and led me to the exit.
“Where are we going?” – I asked when we were on the street.
“We are going to me.” His palm was so hot, but I was a little drunk and looking at the ledge near the back door, I had a completely different idea. The bar was in an alley, there is a chance that no one will be here at this time.
“We’ll have time to go home yet.” – I pulled his hand towards the ledge. I felt so risky, free. I don’t know where this courage came from, but I really wanted to finally stop holding myself back, to show how much I needed him. Right now. He understood everything and followed me. He pushed me against the wall, still warm from the afternoon sun, and began to unbutton my shirt. As soon as my chest was available, he squeezed it tightly with both hands.
“How long have I wanted you,” he whispered between deep kisses.
“You are mine and have always been mine. I will not let you go, now you have no excuses left, ”he concluded and lifted my skirt to the waist. I looked around so that they would not notice us. He took off my panties and pressed his warm lips to my clit. I felt his tongue caress me, play with my clitoris. Excitement made it difficult to stand. I quickly became very wet.
“Mmm, how delicious you are,” he whispered, squatting in front of me. I could feel the growing excitement and his fluttering tongue there. He threw my leg over his shoulder, penetrating deeper and deeper with his tongue. It was difficult to contain the groans, and I bit my lip so as not to scream.
“I want you,” I said out of breath. He smiled his victorious smile and looking up at me, answered.
“First, I want to do something with you.”
Now, instead of a tongue, he first penetrated me with one finger, completely dipping it into my moisture, then added a second and began to move his hand rhythmically. Not fast or slow, just as fast as my body exploded like mad. When the tongue joined the fingers and in such a tandem it began to accelerate, I wanted to scream with pleasure, beg him never to stop. It was already all the same how I looked, whether someone saw me. At that moment, I felt how he wants my orgasm, how he wants me to go crazy. He increased the pressure on my clitoris and, like a thread from the inside, lured my pleasure out. I unconsciously began to sit even tighter on my fingers. I was all flowing, my leg on his shoulder began to squeeze him in increasing tension.
“More, more,” I asked him, while massaging the ki through the thin fabric of an unbuttoned shirt. The peak was approaching, I no longer felt where I was. My body was filled with warmth and fiery desire. Lava flowed through my veins, I wanted to surrender to his hands completely, forever. Only he knew how to make me explode with pleasure without even using his cock.
He sucked on my clitoris and sucked it into his mouth, which made me convulse with every pull in. Fingers without stopping brought me to the highest point of bliss. Thoughts are chaotically dispersed, I could no longer restrain myself and moaning loudly, I got such a sweet and long orgasm. I shuddered almost sitting not on his face, and he licked my juices gently bringing me to my senses. I could not even move, still being somewhere not here.
He helped me to lower my skirt, I buttoned my shirt with just a few buttons, just to cover my chest.
“Thank you,” I said, looking into his eyes and kissed him, gently wrapping my lips around his tongue. “I want to do something with you too,” I put my hand on his hard cock.
“I was hoping you would suggest. You know, I have a bottle of your favorite Prosecco at home. ” He laughed and took me to the car.
I nodded in agreement. You can go anywhere for such a man.

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