Naked Cleaning experience


Today is a rather unusual order. Naked Cleaning Service in-home client

I should be wearing a white apron and white socks. The client wants to watch me clean his apartment with a bare ass…but why white socks I’m interested to know. When I came to his apartment it was very hot. 28 degrees at least. The client explained this by taking care of me so that I would not freeze. I quickly changed my clothes and got to work. Cleaning is scheduled for 2 hours, but I planned to stay a little late and get a tip. I had everything I needed for cleaning, and I started collecting dust. He sat in a deep chair and watched in silence. I slowly bent down and squatted down so that he could see my pussy clearly. When I was dusting I feel like I accidentally touched his barely covered with a cloth leg. He looked at my buttocks and reached out to stroke them. I didn’t mind, his touch was very pleasant and gentle. When I moved from room to room, he followed me. I could see his cock sticking out through his pants. It wasn’t easy to clean in this heat, and I was immediately sweating. Sweat stained his apron. In the end, I took it off. I was wearing only white socks, and my feet were also sweating. I knelt on the chair to reach the top of the mirror and felt him standing right next to me, stroking his cock. He asked if he could take my socks off. I was only too happy to get rid of them. One by one, he slowly pulled them off, gathered them into a ball, pressed them to his nose, and inhaled noisily. He froze and closed his eyes. I turned to him and put my hand on his hard cock. He took his pants off and I began massaging his cock while he still breathed in the scent of my socks. It lasted a few minutes until he came. After that, I could go home wet and tired. I got a good tip this time. And he asked me to come back next week.

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