Hole's ass of my slave

Hole’s ass of my slave


I put up my listing on kinky

Today I will have a wonderful meeting with my slave. I am a high-class mistress and very cruel. My price is $ 800 per hour. A month is full in advance. And all because every role-playing game I live as a reality. This time I was passing through the UK and decided to play. I put up my listing on kinky and immediately found a few people who wanted to. I liked one timid guy who wanted me to spank him and fuck his ass with a huge strapon. My boy does not yet know that I plan do bondage and massage his anal hole with my long fingers in a black latex glove and bring him to orgasm. BDSM is my favorite topic. I love the submissive ones, who are shy and look quiet. I corrupt them and cause them sweet pain that they want to repeat again and again.

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