Sex at distance

Sex at a distance! How Virus changes our life 6 Tips and Reality!


Sex at a distance! How Virus changes our life Tips and Reality!

Tips for sex online!

1. Get techy

Initiate a bit of tech foreplay and suggestive flirting with your partner. Try:

sexting throughout the day
sending nudes
texting flirty messages

You can opt instead for exchanging flirty messages via a chat app like WhatsApp — or even Apple. Kinky sex stuff website have Free sex chats can help break the ice and keep the exchange private (and away from the more mundane conversations of daily life). Take a look and learn how the girls in cam make a man be Hot!

2. Get on with the dirty talk

Use dirty talk as a chance to reminisce about past sexual experiences with each other and fantasize about future sexual encounters together. Phone sex can be fun!

3. Masturbate together

Have fun talking over the phone about the sex toys you want to try together, including remote app sex toys that let you take control of your partner’s pleasure. You can even try to role-play during masturbation sessions over the phone. Plus video apps like Skype, Google Hangouts, and FaceTime can help you feel like you’re right there with your partner, even if you’re separated by hundreds of miles.

4. Share porn scenes you both like

Discuss the benefits of watching porn together and give each other feedback on what you like most about your favorite scenes.

5. Put it in writing

Write erotic handwritten cards to your partner to let them know you’re thinking about them in all the best ways.

6. Talk about your next sexy time together

If you’re missing your partner, dive into the distance, and send flirty texts about the last time you saw each other. Daydream about the next time you’ll be together by describing what you want your partner to do to you. Put yourself into the moment. And let them do the same

How Coronavirus Change Our Life! 

Coronavirus isn’t just changing norms around dating: sex tech is also seeing a surge in popularity. Much of this is to do with the effects of quarantine. While the coronavirus and the resulting lockdowns are still too new to allow for real analysis, clear that the strange times we now live in are changing our behavior.

People are trying out the newest sex gadgets, visiting virtual-reality strip clubs, attending Zoom sex parties, and even searching PornHub for very specific porn: homemade videos that fetishize coronavirus, when the coronavirus arrived, sex tech firms struggled. Many sex toys are made in China, which meant the supply chain was badly hit.
But demand remains high.

Once the first patients started getting sick with coronavirus in the US, Producers of sex toys raced to fill orders for vibrators and multipacks of condoms, which were up 30% the first week of March and then another 40% the second week. “This is usually our slowest time of year,”. “People are stockpiling and anticipating this will take a while.”
“The percentage of people who are single is higher today than it’s ever been,” he says. “We have a lot of people who aren’t living with a partner or spouse than ever before.”

But it’s not only single people interested in sex toys; it predicts that the coming months of lockdown will see committed partners begin to experiment. “You’ll see an increase in remote-controlled sex toys where people can engage sexually with a partner through technology from a distance,” he says. “You can sexually engage without oral transmission” —an attractive feature when we don’t know how long we’ll be isolated within our homes.

The pandemic will “set the stage for the sex tech revolution we’ve been all anticipating to take place sooner than we thought,”.
But not everyone is able to take advantage — particularly those who are facing the brunt of what appears to be the early days of a global economic recession.

Vibrators and so-called teledildonics are still luxury goods and can cost in the triple digits. The pandemic in quarantine orders will lead to very different relationship rules. And that goes for dating apps, too. “The one thing I’m certain about is that the longer this prolongs, the longer this will be a permanent shift,” “People want to virtually connect.

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